Tuscania Events

Since 2000 Tuscania Events has been arranging unforgettable destination weddings in Italy. Tuscania Events is the leading company specializing in the organization of a civil and religious wedding for non-Italian citizens in the most fantastic venues of Italy. Our role as destination wedding consultants has allowed us to organize spectacular weddings for famous couples as well as simple marriages for couples who have come to Italy alone for a romantic elopement.  In fact, our consultancy services are custom fit to serve the true needs of our clients for their wedding in Italy.

We take care of every aspect involved in your italian wedding and your honeymoon. We plan every detail with the efficiency of modern times and the fascination of Italian tradition in order to make your wedding day in Italy a dream.
We do not offer wedding packages but "one of a kind" tailored-made wedding experiences.  No two events are ever alike.  Our weddings are designed specifically to satisfy all tastes and budget ranges. Our goal is to create tailor made events that leave an unforgettable mark on people's minds and hearts.




 "My love for all things Italian began when I met my Florentine husband while living in Boston. 
My enthusiasm and passion for organizing weddings began with my own 8 years ago in the beautiful Italian seaside town of Portovenere

Since then I have been planning beautiful weddings with precision, creativity and a touch of flair.
My knowledge of Italy and Italian culture along with my ability to understand the needs of my clients allow me to create personalized events that capture the charm and beauty of Italy".


"I love my husband, my kids and my friends. I also have a love for my country. From the charming villas and farms, the hillsides filled with olive groves and vineyards, the sparkling coastlines to the stunning mountainous backdrop of the riviera I have lived it, loved it and embraced it.
I’m happy I can live this life and I hope to bring some of our Italian warmness and beauty to your event and to your hearts.
I put all my passion into the weddings I plan no matter if they are a simple elopement in a chianti country church or a large glamorous wedding in a monumental villa in the Lucca hills. 
It is not unusual that I remain in contact with past couples and guests as there will always remain a special bond between you and your wedding planner".


We are fortunate to have a very knowledgable bi-cultural group of planners that come from all parts of the world.  

Our network of planners will assist you at each of our Italian destinations.
They will navigate your through all of the details that add up to the perfect wedding.  Your planner will become a trusted friend and advisor.

This is our way of sharing the warmth of Italy with you